My name is Chavella Shana Dobbins.

My business is “Wonderful World of Art” and I work part time teaching children different forms of Art at the Merced Art Center known as the MAC. Writing books has been one of my life dreams, something I have always wanted to accomplish and put on my bucket list. I plan on doing a complete series of WHO I AM books telling a story of a very big part of the black culture’s strength and endurance in a positive light; setting an example for all generations to follow having God to look up to. A story of who black people are and where we come from, representing who God is and how God has become a living example to all cultures, delivering a message why everyone around the world should follow the word of God by living a life pleasing to him according to his will.

Chavella Dobbins Social Media links:
https://twitter.com/ChavellaDobbins http://www.linkedin.com/in/chavella-dobbins-8155112a