Who I Am ( A Child of God) by Chavella Dobbins

About the Book:
This book is about a young African princess, her family, their cultural background, where they come from and who they represent (African Queens and Kings). She tells a story of how her family took the time to teach her exceptional morals and values by honoring God at all times. Her story revolves around making good decisions and becoming a productive, successful, young black princess an example for all young girls to follow in today’s world. She is successful and leads the way by applying the word of God and his righteousness to her life on a daily basis in everything she says and does. She lets her light shine for the world to see. She believes every girl in the world should have what God has given her, making this world a better place by making a difference and showing what it means to have faith, hope, love, wisdom, knowledge, and understanding in God because through him all things are possible.

About the Author:
My name is Chavella Shana Dobbins. I was born in Merced, CA on December 1st, 1969. I have two loving parents, my Father Norah Lee Dobbins and my Mother Iva Elaine Daniel’s. I have 2 boys, Lee and Lucky Harris, who are the apples of my eye and a very large family whom all love God. Ever since I could remember being a little girl around the age 7 my father used to make me read the Bible. My Grandmother Georgia Mae Dobbins, my Aunties Rosilee Ervin and Barbara Dobbins used to make me go to church. Our church was and still is our family church where most of my family attends and it has been that way very since I was a little girl. My family raised me to be a child of God and through his love, I have always wanted to create a book honoring his name, give spiritual growth and knowledge to all young girls showing them the love of God because through God all things are possible.

As I got older I became an artist, I attended Merced Community College 2009-2013 where I received an AA Degree in Visual Arts. I graduated at the top of my class for Visual Art, by receiving the highest GPA in my profession. While attending Merced College I also received the Barnett Music/Art Scholarship Award in honor of my hard work and dedication. Later, in the same year 2013-2015, I attended the Art Institute Pittsburgh Online Division, in Pennsylvania for Graphic Design where I received a reward from the National Technical Honor Society for my outstanding academic achievements. I now have my own business teaching Art in Merced, CA.

My business is “Wonderful World of Art” and I work part time teaching children different forms of Art at the Merced Art Center known as the MAC. Writing books has been one of my life dreams, something I have always wanted to accomplish and put on my bucket list. I plan on doing a complete series of WHO I AM books telling a story of a very big part of the black culture’s strength and endurance in a positive light; setting an example for all generations to follow having God to look up to. A story of who black people are and where we come from, representing who God is and how God has become a living example to all cultures, delivering a message why everyone around the world should follow the word of God by living a life pleasing to him according to his will.